Carnegie Mellon University

M.S. in Automated Science

Ray and Stephanie Lane Computational Biology Department

DJ Kleinbaum

"This program will provide a major boost to the scientific automation field and I am very happy to be involved with it."

DJ Kleinbaum, co-founder of Emerald Cloud Lab, Inc.

The MSAS program provides training that is highly sought by industry.  The Computational Biology Department maintains a large database of potential employers in the general areas of bioinformatics and computational biology.

Job-search sites, like, are a great place to search for current full-time and internship openings for those with background in Automation and the Life Sciences.

The Computational Biology Department also maintains a job search page for career opportunities.  Click here to search for the subset of those employers that emphasize automation.

The program will provide critical expertise to biomedical research programs in both the nonprofit and commercial sectors.

Brad Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer of the Morgridge Institute for Research