Carnegie Mellon University

M.S. in Automated Science

Ray and Stephanie Lane Computational Biology Department


What are the skills that will be taught in the program?

There are three types of expertise required for building systems to do automated science.  The first is familiarity with the various types of experimental methods used in a particular field and with the operation and characteristics of the currently available equipment that can perform those methods on a large scale and under computer control.  The second is experience in constructing and using statistical and machine learning methods for constructing predictive models from experimental data.  The third is expertise in active machine learning methods for using predictive models to choose future experiments that are expected to enable the accuracy of the models to grow as rapidly as possible.  The program will provide these skills through both theoretical and practical instruction, culminating in a capstone course in which real world problems are tackled in collaboration with industrial and academic partners.


What kinds of companies are looking for employees with degrees in Automated Science?


Will a M.S. degree in Automated Science prepare me for a Ph.D. program?


What will the Automated Biology curriculum entail?

For more details on the curriculum, please go here.